Having complete control of your schedule can certainly be a blessing and a curse it takes a lot of discipline and planning to not let your freedom get the better of you. Practice these five productivity tips to help you succeed in your coaching business.


1.Be in tune with your body and mind

Where you work matters. Some days you may need the structure of a desk and other days you may crave the relaxation of a comfy sofa. Your body is constantly sending you signals about what it wants, being able to interpret those signals will bring more productivity to your work routine.

Don’t be afraid to change directions either. If you started at a coffee shop and it’s just not working, don’t hesitate to get up and leave. The time you spend getting distracted in a place you are uncomfortable will be greater than the time spent moving to somewhere your brain and body actually wants to be.


2.Plan Ahead and Stick to It

You will see a vast difference in your day when you devote 5 minutes the night before to develop a loose outline of your day. By marking off tasks you will feel more successful and more accomplished resulting in a more successful work day.

To help with this find a time management tool that allows you to see the tasks you have completed. Give Momentum a shot. It’s a chrome plugin that offers daily quotes, rotating beautiful backgrounds, and easy to manage checklists.

Check out a screenshot of what my momentum looks like on a regular workday.


 “I like to include really easy things scattered throughout my day. It adds a sense of accomplishment and keeps me on track.”

3.Get up early

Try getting up as early as 5:00 am.

“When I first started freelancing I was getting up at 8 or 9 and then by 12, I would need to take a lunch break. Then I wouldn’t be finished with my work until 5; it was no different than working a nine to five job. 

Then I switched my schedule. I started getting up at five am. I started to finish my work by noon, which gave me time to focus on my hobbies and on growing my own business, and I was actually making more money because I wasn’t distracted and I was able to accomplish more.”

Need help making the switch? Check out these benefits and some tips on how to get started.


4.Don’t forget to go outside

Going outside is good for more than just fresh air, it allows you to reset and revitalize with a little Vitamin D. It’s also good to give your eyes and mind a break from the screen.

Try to get away from your desk for at least a 5-minute walk every 2-3 hours. Leave your phone at your desk, shut off your computer and step outside, you will be amazed at your brains focused results.


5.Do what you love

Whether you are spending the time to create a business or you have the opportunity to work from home instead of in your workplace you should be doing something that inspires you and makes you excited to start work in the morning.

Do you know what also helps productivity? Having us handle your menial tasks so that you don’t have to worry about them. When your team is 100% on-board with the company mission, work goes from being “outsourced”… to simply being an extension of your work family tree. Consider us monkey cousins on your outreach branch.

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